3 Pieces of Equipment You Need To Open a Deli, Food

The food industry is a large one with lots of different ways for entrepreneurs to participate. You could open a restaurant, a food truck, a grocery store, etc. A delicatessen is a great way to get your foot in the door of the food world. A mix between a grocery store and a restaurant, you can offer your customers freshly made sandwiches as well as specialized foods to make at home. If you are interested in opening a deli, there are three pieces of equipment you need.

  1. Food Bar

If you are lucky enough to find a home for your deli in the commercial district of your town, expect to see a lot of office workers come for lunch. While some will want to have a sandwich made, you should make sure to have a salad bar and hot food merchandiser so customers can grab what they want.

  1. Meat and Cheese Equipment

While you will have customers looking to buy prepared foods, don’t forget those that want to come to your deli as part of their weekly shopping. Have a good selection of meats and cheese that you can slice up. You will need the right equipment for this, such as meat slicers to prepare the meat for the customers and display cases to show your products.

  1. Seating Options

Most of your customers will probably take their food to go, but if you do have customers that want to eat in be sure to provide seating for them. If you don’t have a huge space, a couple of two-seaters should be enough. If you are able to expand to the sidewalk, you should.

A deli is a great way to start your own food business without the full commitment of a restaurant. You can have a successful business if you give your customers what they are looking for. Follow these three suggestions to get your business going.

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