A Guide To Scottona Cooking

Female cows within the age range 16-22 months without offsprings are called “scottona”. Scottana is known to have top quality, marbled and tendered beef. Cooking scottana to perfection requires lots of commitments. Ranging from buying the right beef, storing, preparing, and serving.

  • Buying

A good beef (scottona) should be moist, no too shiny, smell good, and of course look good. A beef is also expected to be aged for at least 10days, this adds to its normal taste. You should always look out for these qualities when looking to purchase a beef. Scottana cooking requires specific beef cuts, below are the various types of  beef cuts available;

  • Full loin
  • Fillet
  • Thick flank
  • Tri-tip steak
  • Rump
  • Top round
  • Shin, and lots more.

Depending on your preference, you can go with any of the beef cuts listed above.

  • Storing

For a scottona to taste its best, it has to be stored perfectly. How can you store it perfectly? Well, it should be wrapped up and refrigerated at 4˚C on a pan or tray. The tray will help secure drips from the beef.Scottana should be prepare 3-4 days after purchase but if you decide to prepare it at a latter time, you should store at 18˚C instead of 4˚C. Scottana can also be stored in freezer bags at the same temperature for up to 12 months without it getting sour.

  • Preparing

Unwrap seal bag or remove the packaging depending on how you stored the scottona. This should be done under running water to ensure you get rid of all diets completely. You could also make use of paper towels when rinsing. Slice up the scottanaand prepare it for boiling by your adding seasonings. If you want your scottana pink on the inside, boil it at 51˚C. At 60-65˚C you will get the normal beef look on the inside of your scottana. At 70˚C, your scottana will be well cooked having no sign of pink. Some people prefer it this way.

  • Serving

Scottana can either be braised as in arrosto and brasato, roasted as in bisteccaallafiorentina, stewed as in garofolato and stufato, or boiled as in bolloto misto. Depending on your preference you can decide you serve it in any of these forms and of course with some accompaniments like; hot sauce, coleslaw and lots more.

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