Brew Café-Style Espresso at The Comfort of Your Home Using These Simple Tips

Coffee business is huge. Coffee is one of the top-preferred beverages all over the world. It is hard to resist a cup of coffee available at cafes. The ones available at cafes taste amazing, don’t they? A cup of espresso contains just water and coffee extract but how do they taste so good in café? Is it because of the fancy espresso machine used? No!

There are so many intricacies involved in brewing coffee and the details go beyond the brewing machine used. It might sound like a lot of information to process initially but you’ll find it easy after few attempts. Even if you don’t own a costly espresso, if you follow a particular technique and pink your ingredients carefully, you can brew a killer espresso at home.

How to brew the perfect espresso at home?

Coffee beans: Swap coffee powder for coffee beans since freshly ground roasted coffee beans elevate the flavor of coffee. If you need help finding the best coffee beans, try Lifeboost coffee, Coffee Bros, Volcanica Coffee, Koa Coffee etc – Source: MyFriendsCoffee. The website is a reliable online resource and provides detailed information on best coffee products. Opt for:

  • Dark roast if you prefer a rich and charred taste
  • Light roast if you prefer a sweeter and tangy taste

Temperature: Your coffee brewer should ideally maintain a temperature between 92 and 96 C. If the water is colder, the resulting coffee tastes flat and under-extracted while if the water is too hot, it would turn bitter. When purchasing brewers look for one that consistently maintains temperature.

Proportion of ingredients: The taste of coffee obviously differs depending on the coarseness of ground coffee beans, water temperature, and time taken by your brewer to produce a caffeine shot. This is why your home-made espressos taste differently every time. Purchase a digital scale to measure out the ingredients and a timer to brew the perfect cup.

Grinding consistency: Grind the beans to a fine consistency. With a finer grind, more coffee surface area is exposed to water. The coffee particles are packed tightly thus resulting in increased extraction yield. Under-extraction yields a sour flavor while over-extraction yields a bitter taste. If you grind 20gms very finely, use less water for a flavorful cup.

Extraction time: Some coffee professionals prefer coffee that has an extraction time of 30 seconds. Somewhere between 20 and 30 seconds is considered ideal. If the extraction time is shorter or longer, check your grind and adjust accordingly.

Tricks for perfecting your caffeine shot:

  • Clean equipment: If you find the coffee pouring unevenly through its sprouts, it is an indication that the basket needs thorough cleaning. Oily residue alters the taste of coffee.
  • Tamp: The ground coffee should be packed evenly so that the extraction is high resulting in more flavor. Spread the ground coffee evenly in the basket and smoothen its surface before pouring water.
  • Preheat group-head: Preheat your equipment’s group-head by rinsing it with hot water prior to attaching the portafilter.

You don’t have to rely on cafés anymore for flavorful coffee anymore. Wake up to freshly brewed home-made coffee every morning.

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