Delicious recipes with dates: buy organic dates online

There is no contraindication for the consumption of dates, and should be avoided only by people who are allergic to some nutrient. It is important to be careful in consumption, because it contains a lot of sugar. It can be a risk for those who have diabetes. Otherwise, including dates to your daily diet is beneficial. The date is gaining more and more space for those looking for a healthy diet, with varied nutrients. Buy bulk dates online and check out a selection of delicious recipes using this fruit.

12 Proven Health Benefits of Dates | Organic Facts

Date truffle with cocoa and nuts

Simple to prepare and using few ingredients, this recipe surprises those who taste it. Great option for a snack rich in nutrients and oilseeds, it has the following ingredients – pitted dates, nuts, cocoa powder and vanilla essence.

Date truffle with coconut

Here, to facilitate the processing of dates, the ideal is to soak them for about 2 hours before their preparation. To prepare it, add the dates, the coconut and the chocolate with melted 70% cocoa in the processor, until it becomes an easy-to-mold paste.

Date sweet with plum

Great option to help regulate the intestine, this recipe also includes black plum, rich in fiber and nutrients, with antioxidant function. In addition to the two fruits, their preparation requires ingredients such as cashew nut flour, mineral water and cereal mix.

Coffee and date brownie

Ready in about thirty minutes, it is the ideal option to serve at the last minute visit. It uses coffee, semi-dark chocolate, unsalted butter, organic sugar, eggs, wheat flour and chopped pitted dates.

Carrot cake bars

A good idea for carrot cake lovers is to make this version in bar, and you can always have them on hand when you feel like eating a candy. Among its ingredients, the use of apple puree stands out, giving softness to the snack and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and powdered ginger, adding more flavor to it.

Pear and date cake

Easy to prepare cake, it is prepared with a mix of flours, including common wheat flour, oat flour and whole wheat flour, ensuring more nutrients for the dish. Pitted dates should be chopped and added to the cake batter.

Cocoa cake, almonds and dates

Functional recipe, it is a good choice to guarantee energy for those who practice physical activities. With protein ingredients, it takes in its dough eggs, almond flour, oatmeal, coconut sugar, cocoa powder, pumpkin puree, honey, almond milk and coconut oil.

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