Event ideas to make your BBQ the event of the season


Social BBQs are a great way to bring large groups of people together. Whether it is a milestone birthday, a wedding reception or even a corporate get together, a BBQ has the perfect atmosphere to relax and enjoy other people’s company over a good selection of food.

If you have chosen to go for an Italian BBQ for your next event there will no doubt be a tasty selection of menu options available throughout the duration of the event, but what can you add to make it even more iconic?


While looking around for ideas about your corso bbq, the concept of drinks will undoubtedly crop up along the line. It has always been an unwritten rule that a delicious range of drinks be provided during a BBQ event. Caterers who offer an alcohol license will have a larger selection of drinks for a wetbar, but that can be more costly and not to everyone’s taste.

For those who do not drink alcohol, or cannot because they are driving, how about adding an impressive selection of zero alcohol mocktails? Still as vibrant, tasty and colourful as the real thing, these are a great alternative to offer guests and will be well received too.

A fully kitted out coffee bar is another great drinks option to really make a difference. Consider the popularity of coffee shops and how sociable they are, then think how great that level of enthusiasm will look when combined with the energy at your BBQ event.

Tasty treats for younger guests

Children love to get involved at family or social events but are often left out as the adults consume tempting food and drinks. 

Get the little ones involved at your BBQ event by adding a station for the children. Kids are easily pleased and even a selection of colourful fruit juices and sweet ice cream toppings will keep them amused and happy. By keeping the children happy too, your older guests will be able to relax more and your event will subsequently run much more smoothly.

Go vegan

As well as offering an incredible Italian BBQ menu, don’t forget the growing trend of people turning to Vegan diets. Even more select than a vegetarian diet, there’s a lot more to consider for vegan diets as substitions are made to replace to dairy products. 

Catering towards different tastes is crucial for a successful event, so on hiring a catering service, ensure that they have the menus and options available to provide enough food for all of the guests attending the event and that no one will be left out from the festivities. To help out the caterers, find out numbers of dietary requirements before the day of the event arrives to get correct food supplies together.

Something else to consider is extra space to accommodate the meat free selections. Add some more tables and cutlery so there is no cross contamination between the different foods. 

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