GE 2100 Watt Microwave Oven – Extra Powerful Microwave

One of the hottest microwave ovens on the market is the GE 2020-Watt Microwave Oven. When you buy this oven, you are buying a high-powered microwave, capable of heating food much faster than a traditional oven can. It’s the only oven in its class, and for many, it’s the only oven they will ever need.

This product is produced by G.E. Coleman, a well-known name in the United States. For many years, Coleman has been manufacturing the best-selling Coleman Extender Microwave Oven, as well as the big Coleman Total Fridge. The company began in New York, but has since expanded into many different states across the nation.

As you consider what features you need in a microwave oven, you will likely choose between the two highest wattage models: the GE 1000-Watt microwave oven and the GE 6000-watt microwave oven. They both use convection microwaves to cook food, but the difference in efficiency is substantial. If you want more power, the Coleman Microwave Oven is definitely the one to go with. It cooks food at an astonishing 4 times faster than the GE microwave oven.

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The Coleman Microwave Oven is extremely versatile and comes in several different versions. The most popular, the Coleman Total Fridge, can fit in almost any kitchen. Since it also contains a self-cleaning interior, your microwave-free refrigerator can be cleaned more easily.

Another cool feature of the Coleman Microwave Oven is that it will heat your water and it’s ready to use! If you happen to be in a cold area, or the water heater is out of order, it’s an ideal appliance to keep your beverages hot. The G.E. Coleman microwaves are manufactured by and contain electronic technology, meaning you don’t have to worry about the outside of the oven sticking to your hands. The well-designed design is protected from rusting and getting scorched.

The G.E. Coleman microwaves are sold online, through the Internet. The products are quite large, which makes it difficult to install. However, installation is not difficult.

The base plate of the G.E. Coleman microwave oven is ceramic. This material is non-conductive and therefore reduces the risk of electrical shock, from over-heating. The ceramic baseplate helps cook food more evenly, preventing back-burning.

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The G.E. Coleman Microwave Oven uses a high-torque motor to speed up the cooking process. It has a hand-held safety switch and instruction booklet for ease of use.

As a rule, you shouldn’t be able to turn the stove off with your bare hands. You should be able to lift the power cord and cut the cord yourself.

Safety tips include not leaving the dishwasher on, or running the water while cooking. If the food starts to brown, turn off the burner.

If you want to purchase the best microwave under $100 on the market, the G.E. Coleman Microwave Oven might be the one to go with. It has features that you may not find on other models. Just remember, the results will look great if you follow the instructions!

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