How Long Does Whipped Cream Dispensers Last?

One of the most popular tools nowadays in everyone’s kitchen is a whipped cream dispenser. A whipped cream dispenser is used to make whipped cream. You can also make several other dishes with a whipped cream dispenser.

They are generally a one-time investment, i.e you can use a whipped cream dispenser for years without buying a new one. Normally a dispenser lasts for more than five years if you handle it properly and take proper care.

A cream charger is a small cylinder filled with nitrous oxide gas which is essential for the functioning of the whipped cream dispenser. A single-cylinder of cream chargers weighs approximately 8g which can last up to two weeks depending on how frequently you use it.

How to increase the shelf life of a Whipped Cream Dispenser? 

The shelf life of a whipped cream dispenser is about five years or more but there are a few steps that you can follow to increase it. A cream charger generally lasts for two weeks or depending on usage, they are not reusable or you also can not refill it with nitrous oxide gas again. So manufacturers sell more than one cream charger with the product. Few steps you can maintain to keep your whipped cream dispenser working for a longer time;

Buying a whipped cream dispenser from a recognized brand

If you are buying a Whipped Cream Dispenser, buy NOS cream charger online from If you receive a broken or defective one you can replace it online or take it to their showroom.

Cleaning the dispenser properly after every use

You should practice the habit of cleaning the nozzle of the dispenser to avoid clogging up and the canister to avoid smell or mixing of the ingredients. If you don’t wash the canister of your dispenser then it is likely to mix with the ingredients that you are using for the next time. Sometimes leftover whipped cream around the nozzle freezes due to different weather conditions which lead to clogging up the nozzle, so cleaning the whipped cream dispenser after every use is recommended.

Take the dispenser to the authorized service center if you face any problem

There are many authorized service centers available for the popular whipped cream dispenser brands near you. The benefits of servicing in an authorized showroom are that they know every defect minutely and have a team of trained and experienced technicians that can repair your dispenser properly. Local servicing shops don’t know minor issues that can damage your product.

You if face any issue regarding your whipped cream dispenser, always consult with any trained authorized service center for better results. Taking proper care of your dispenser increases its shelf life and can serve you for more than five years. A cream charger is not reusable and you need to buy it when you run out of it, but a whipped cream dispenser is reusable and also recycled easily.

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