How to Keep Your Cake fresh and moist

Keeping the cake moist and fresh starts with baking moist cakes. There is no doubt that you spend a lot of time and energy baking cakes. Whether it is a Chocolate cake or a butterscotch cake for any occasion, you have worked hard for a perfect finish. Baking cake can be an art, a passion or a hobby, but eating cake is more than anything, and all foods are liable to spoil.

If you are a novice baker struggling to keep the cake moist and fresh, then we have got some suggestions for you. Here are all the tips that you can definitely make your cake completely soft and moist. Here is everything you need to know about how to keep your cake moist and fresh.

Use the correct pan

Heavy pans can cause the edges of your cake to turn brown and dry. Opt for a lighter and lighter coloured metal pan instead.

Avoid Over Baking

You may not be aware of this fact, but overheating may also reduce the moisture of the cake. So, avoid baking cakes for long at very high temperatures. To get a moist and fluffy cake, preheat the oven and bake the cake at a low temperature.

Bake with Applesauce!

Yes, Applesauce! You can substitute butter with this amazing ingredient and still make super moist and tender cakes. Just remember to take an unsweetened bottle of applesauce to avoid baking a sweet cake.

Sugar Syrup

In baking in particular, sugar plays many roles besides being just a sweetener. Being absorbent in nature, it has the ability to attract and hold water which keeps your cake moist and soft for days. So it is always a good idea to soak your cakes with a simple mixture of sugar and water and keep them fresh until the last bite. All you have to do is brush or dab the syrup into the layers of the sponge.

Don’t Store Cake in the Refrigerator

The most important tip is that when it comes to cake, do not consider the fridge as your friend. If you are used to keeping everything in the fridge, then you have to change your habit. The cake stales faster.

This is due to the starch molecules in the flour, which absorb water when the batter is cooked, and then the cake will begin to cool. The cake molecules are rearranged, hardened, to force water to come out of the cake’s surface.

Store at room temperature in an airtight container.

If you are baking at home or buying a cake online one night before with a plan to serve it the next day, you should store it in its box or sealed plastic container in a cool, dark corner of your kitchen.

Freeze Your Cake

Cakes kept for more than a week should be stored in the freezer. To do this, use a double layer of plastic wrap to seal your cake properly. Shut it down with a silver foil to protect it from potential freezer burn that can damage it. Your cake can now stay inside the freezer for up to 4 months if necessary, although we would strongly suggest not to keep that for long.

Use yogurt

If you are the one who is a vegetarian and wish to bake a cake without eggs, then here is the trick. Go and bake a moist cake without using egg white and yolks. Add yogurt to the cake batter. This will help to enhance the cake and make it moist.

So, by following these tips, you can bake moist cakes at home. But, whenever you feel a lack of time to cook cakes at home, you can order cake online and also send cake delivery in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh or wherever your loved ones reside and enjoy every slice with your friends and family.

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