Interesting facts for cocktail fans

Even though cocktail became very famous only in 20’s, the first cocktail was made in the year 1838. This is nothing but alcohol drink which is made by the combination of spirits and other ingredients. Cocktails are available in many different flavors and the used can prefer to choose them according to their taste. However, in current trend it is quite impossible to imagine an event without cocktail. Unfortunately the crazy fans of cocktail are not aware of many interesting facts about it. This article will help them to know the most interesting facts about cocktail.

Shacking and stirring 

While making some cocktails, it will be stirred while some cocktail will be shaken. Obviously there is difference between these cocktails. The one which is made out of spirits, tonics and other related ingredients will be stirred. And the cocktail that is made out of fruits, eggs and creams will be shacked well before serving. It is to be noted that the texture between these categories will be different from one another. The people who are making the cocktail like pornstar martini should be aware of these facts for coming up with the best texture and flavor. My making use of the recipes in the reputed websites, they can prefer to make the best cocktail at home. However, they must ensure to buy the best quality syrup and bitter for making it at home. 


Cocktail is a drink which is made influencing punch. That is before the cocktail came into trend, punch was preferred to be the best drink for get together. This drink was made out of sugar, citrus, spices and other ingredients. And this is the drink which paid way for the modern cocktail which is made in current trend. In the initial days punch was very famous and this was invented in India. Indians even used it for treating the medical conditions and they used the best spices for making this drink with better taste and flavor.


IBA is nothing but International Bartenders Association. According to this association there is list of official cocktail. And these cocktails are categorized under three main categories. These categories include contemporary classics, unforgettable and new era. It is to be noted that each and every cocktail will come under any of these categories. The people who are highly interested in knowing about this list can check out their official website. 

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