Planning an in-house corporate event in Toronto? You need these vendors!

In-house corporate meetings and events are much easier to plan, primarily because managers don’t need to scout out to find a venue. However, arrangements must be made anyway for catering, entertainment and other basics. If you are in charge of managing such an event, you need to figure out the vendors who need your attention. It would largely depend on the nature of the event, but in Toronto, finding options is not that hard. Here’s a quick checklist for your help.

Popcorn Machine Rental

Companies such as Sizzle Popcorn offer popcorn machines on rent, and this could be a great snack on the side, besides your standard food menu (the next on our list). We mentioned popcorn machine at the start, because corporate events can go on for long, and you need to have something for the attendees to take home.


Again, the duration and nature of the corporate event determines the catering needs, so figure out whether you just need a few sides, or would want a 3 or 4-course meal. Get estimates in advance, and select food options that would suit most people. More people are turning vegan and vegetarian, so you may want to consider something for that category too.


Corporate events need a photographer, and if you don’t have an in-house person, hiring one is an absolute must. Ask for details and search at least a couple of weeks ahead, because corporate photography is different than that of a wedding. You need a professional photographer who has covered events similar to yours.

DJ/Music system rental

Also, consider if you need to hire a DJ for the event. If this is an informal meeting where you are rewarding the employees, it is absolutely necessary to ensure that some form of entertainment is available for guests. You can rent a sound system or can even consider hiring a couple of special entertainers, such as musicians and magicians.

Final word

Finally, ensure that you have done your bit for marketing. You may need special cards, event flyers, and other return gifts, such as popcorn bags, which must be customized for the needs of your brand. Planning early does come in handy in figuring out the costs, and you will have enough time to negotiate with the vendors. Get clear & fixed quotes for every service you choose and check the arrangements at least a couple of days ahead.

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