Things You Should Know About Your Meat – Why Abide By the Quality Rules? 

Meat market is one of the fastest growing food markets all across the world and Canada is no different. The variety is huge – beef, bison, chicken, pork, seafood, and so on. As tempting it sounds, it can be equally frustrating to buy. That’s because quality matters but not all sellers follow the quality benchmarks. Most of them end up using artificial hormones for cattle growth. And it’s not just the taste that differs here, the quality suffers too, and suffers substantially. So, the most obvious and safest way to ensure you’re not eating any substandard product is by knowing your meat. 

This guide will take you through every little detail that makes the entire difference yet remains underrated. So, let’s begin. 

  1. Consider the Feeding Practice Followed

Livestock that is fed on only natural products are the ones you should purchase. 

These organic farm practices follow stringent rules as listed below. 

  • Bisons naturally grow without human involvement. 
  • The livestock is allowed to roam freely as it does in the wild. All in all, the animals remain happy and healthy. 
  • The feeding and birthing all happen naturally. 
  • The animals are fed on a strict vegetarian diet.
  • The soil is devoid of harmful pesticides that can affect the quality and health of the animals. 
  1. Consider the Variety and Effort

Farm raised animals like cattles and bison that are allowed to grow and breed naturally turn out to provide high-quality meat that elite sellers like Papa Earth process at facilities that are authorised by the Canadian food authority. The different varieties that they offer are listed below. 

  • Papa Earth Bison meat – it sold as burgers, sausages, ground, and stew and steaks.
  • Papa Earth Beef – it’s of three types. a) AAA beef, b) certified organic beef, and c) grass fed and grass finished beef. 

A few other meats that these sellers supply come from farm raised chickens, hogs, and fish. 

You can have a look at more details about the types of meat supplied at Papa Earth on their website. 

  1. Consider Their Delivery Services

Sellers like Papa Earth are well known for their doorstep delivery to make things easier for their customers. Besides:

  1. They make their products affordable for everyone by providing small boxes, medium boxes, as well as large boxes. 
  2. They offer the customization option where you can make your own box that comprises of only those meats that you want.

All in all, as long as you know how to pick a genuine meat seller from the ones that are after money and not legacy, you will end up being a very happy customer.

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