Three Kinds of Delicious Comfort Foods With a Southern Flair

Are you looking for new kinds of comfort foods to add to your pallet? If you’re wanting to try some delectable grub that comes from the South, then there are plenty of tasty choices out there. Whether you desire a new treat you’ve never tried before, or you’re wanting a fresh spin on an old favorite, deliciousness is just around the corner.

Try Some Fish

A Southern comfort food classic is fried catfish Plano. This freshwater fish is commonly prepared by slicing the meat into pieces, and then gently breading it with cornmeal. The light, buttery texture of this fish can be enjoyed as fried filets, stuffed into a poor boy style sandwich, or it can be even be served up as a dish of fish tacos.

Have a Piece of Cornbread

Cornbread makes any meal complete, and it is also delicious just by itself. The fluffy yellow baked clouds are excellent when served plain, or you’ll find a real zing when you try a loaf with jalapeno pepper slices inside. Some cornbread recipes are made to be sweet like a dessert, and can be eaten just like cake. When you’re on-the-go, cornbread muffins make a tasty and portable treat as well.

Add Some Spice to Your Life

Jalapeno poppers are a great spicy snack you won’t want to stop eating. These delicious treats are made by cutting open a jalapeno pepper, filling it with cream cheese, and frying the finished product. Variations of this dish can be made by using cheddar cheese for the filling, or by wrapping the pepper in bacon before it’s fried. These pepper snacks make an excellent appetizer, and they’re also great for serving at parties.

If you’re bored by the foods you eat, then it’s time to try some zesty new Southern treats. Take your tastebuds on an exciting journey South.

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