Tips for Opening Your First Bakery

If you’ve decided to open your first bakery, there are several factors to consider. Friends and family may have been telling you for years that you should sell your cupcakes and pies, but there is much more that goes into a successful business than just being a good cook.

What Will Your Bakery Look Like?

Some bakeries are simple with little more than a room of display cases with a salesperson behind the counter. Everything is bagged or boxed and taken out of the shop. Other bakeries offer an eat-in option with fancy coffee. If you’re not ready to commit to a stand-alone store, you might partner with a local restaurant by making all the desserts on their menu as well as a manning a counter for take-away orders. No matter which style you choose, pay attention to the store fixtures NJ and lighting that will best showcase your food.

What Will You Sell?

Just like trends in clothing, there are also trends in baking. Although you don’t have to convert your entire operation to gluten-free or ancient grain goods, it’s smart to keep abreast of current eating trends so that you can offer options to customers who follow them. You may be known for your chocolate cream pie but offering a couple sugar-free and lower calorie options will endear you to all sorts of customers.

How Will Your Market Your Business?

Unless you have enough money to open your first bakery in the center of a busy pedestrian shopping area, you may have to work to drum up business in the beginning. Don’t be afraid to offer samples plus coupons on busy street corners. Donate cookies or cakes to local charity events in exchange for the publicity. Be sure to include a discount code for business that comes directly from those events so that you can follow the new money that will hopefully be directed your way.

The best way to get your business going is to bake delicious desserts and sell them with a smile. Word of mouth is literally your best marketing strategy in the bakery business.

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