Use Of Elderberry And Mulberry

Elderberry and mulberry have often been confused and used interchangeable but these are actually 2 different things. The aim of this article is to explain in detail what these 2 are and also to give you a few pointer on what they are really used for.

What is elderberry?

Elderberry is a fruit that comes from Sambucus nigra also known black elder. The plant is very famous because it contains a number of vitamins and nutrients that are needed by the body. Elderberry contains calcium, vitamins A, C and B6. It also contains iron, sterols, essential oils and tannins. The availability of a wide range of nutrients and vitamins in elderberry makes it a super food.

What is mulberry?

A mulberry is a fruit that is derived from a tree known as Morus Alba or mulberry tree. It contains a number of minerals and nutrients for example vitamins B2 and C. Mulberry also contain iron, calcium and a number of antioxidants. Mulberries are regarded as a super food because they contain a lot of minerals and nutrients and they actually have a lot of health benefits.

Uses of elderberry and mulberry

Used to make herbal tea

You can make herbal tea using elderberry and mulberry leaves. They are believed to have medicinal properties. For example they help to treat colds and they boost the immune system. So if you are showing any signs or symptoms of flue then you can always boil the leaves in order to create a herbal tea.

Used to make jams

Both elderberry and mulberry can be used to make jam. They are very easy to use when making jams this is because they are naturally sweet so you do not need to add a lot of sugar to the jam. Since elderberry and mulberry have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, this means that the jam will also be packed with nutrients.

Used to make wine

The other fascinating thing about elderberry and mulberry is that they can be used to make wine. They ferment very well and the wine tastes delicious. Try making wine out of these fruits you will definitely enjoy.

Health benefits of elderberry and mulberry

Help to fight colds

Elderberry contains tannins and viburnic acid which are known to help fight colds. They have the potential to clear the nasal passage and improve the respiratory system. Therefore, if you are feeling under the weather you can always take elderberries or alternatively you can make the herbal tea. The same goes for mulberries, they can be used to treat flue and in order to do this you have to make herbal tea using the leaves.

Help with digestion

Elderberry and mulberry are very good for digestion and they help to treat an upset tummy. Elderberry contains laxative properties which help especially when you have constipation. On the other hand mulberry contains dietary fibre which is very good for digestion.So you can easily use elderberry and mulberry as home remedies for constipation and also to improve your digestive system.

Help to regulate blood sugar levels

The other health benefit of taking elderberry and mulberry is that they can be used to regulate blood sugar levels. This is because mulberry and elderberry have compounds that have the ability to keep blood glucose levels normal.

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