What You Need To Know About Serving Alcohol And Food in Texas

Owning a bar, restaurant or other business that serves alcohol means that you need to have permits to do so legally and safely. You also need to have the right training and certifications for your staff to ensure that all laws and regulations are being followed on your premises. Each state will have unique licensing procedures and knowing what that process is through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is the first step in securing your permit.

Permits and Licenses for Businesses

Companies that make, sell or serve alcohol need to have a license from the government certifying that the requirements have been met to handle liquor, beer or wine in accordance with the law. There are several different types of TABC permit you can obtain for your company depending on whether you brew or distill your own alcohol for sale, whether customers consume it on the premises or off, and which types of alcohol your company deals with. There are even different permits depending on whether you also sell food items, such as a bar, private club or restaurant. Since the process can be confusing and complicated, many businesses seek the services of a legal or consulting firm specializing in helping companies secure liquor licenses.

Training and Certifications for Servers

Anyone who serves or handles alcohol, as well as those who supervise them, should be certified through the TABC and trained on safe and legal practices around alcoholic beverages. This training can include what to look for in photo identification, how to tell if someone has had too much to drink and even how to refuse service when needed. Many employers will ask that you have alcohol serving certifications as well as a food handler’s permit before being hired, you can find courses online or through local municipalities.

Setting up your company and employees to sell alcoholic beverages safely and legally means jumping through some legal hoops to ensure that regulations are being followed. You can work with firms to complete the TABC licensing process and find server training for your staff.


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