Why Do Fresh Cheese Curds Squeak?

Cheese curds are the little curdled pieces of milk that are made during the process of cheddar-making. Cheese curds squeak when you eat them, skilful,correctpreparation and the freshness of the curds are the key to their squeak.

Most people know cheese curds squeak when they are fresh,but do you know why cheese curds squeak when eaten fresh?

Making of cheese curds starts with ripening milk, and after, rennet is added to form curds. Once the curd is set, its then cut and cooked, and the whey is drained. The final step is to salt the cheese curds. Then you havethe mouth-watering squeaky cheese curds we all know and love.

Salt not only enhances the taste, but it also helps to retain the squeakiness of cheese curds for about a day.

When cheese is manufactured, the proteins in the cheese form a mesh that we call cheese curds. The protein mesh is held by the calcium, which makes the structure tough.

The tough mesh makes the cheese curds harder to bite. This causes the curd to squeak because it rubs between your teeth. So, we can say fresh cheese curds squeak because of the elastic protein strands and your strong teeth.

After a day or two, the calcium dissolves from the protein, which makes the protein softer and easy to chew. And when you eat them, there is no friction, and the squeak is lost.

If you want to regain the squeak in the cheese curds, you can microwave them for few seconds and protein reforms and get tough again, making the cheese curds squeak again.

But make sure you don’t overdo it. If it is overheated, you will simply melt the cheese curds.

To retain the squeak, cheese curds are served fresh. Poutine and fried cheese curds are two of the most famous dishes made with cheese curds, but the use of cheese curds is not limited to these. Cheese curds are a versatile food item that can be used in 100 other recipes.Be it a salad, pizza, or burger; cheese curds taste amazing with anything.

So that now we know how cheese curds become squeaky, and we also know the squeak remains just for a couple of days. The question remains how are you going to enjoy the super delicious squeaky cheese curds of Wisconsin,famous throughout the world, in Australia?

Pure Dairy is the answer. You can buy fresh cheese curds from Pure Dairy. They source the cheese curds from Wisconsin. The cheese curds are individually frozen by using the IQF technique, which means faster freezing time.

The taste, texture, and nutritional value and, of course, the squeak of Pure Dairy cheese curds are preserved. Also, they don’t add any nasty preservatives and additives.

To buy fresh cheese curds in Australia, all you have to do is contact Pure Dairy, and they will connect you with a supplier who will ship you the fresh cheese curds anywhere across Australia.

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