You Should Know These Things Before Selling A Restaurant In Hong Kong


Many restaurant owners want to sell their restaurant if they are fascinated by some other profit-making business or if they just want to retire. If you want to sell your restaurant as well, you have to understand that the task requires a deep market understanding, knowledge of business, and oftentimes you may also require to seek help from a professional or broker to get your true value of the restaurant. Easy Buy Sell Business is a reliable and reputable business for sales portal that helps you to buy and sell business in Hong Kong.

Here are the things you should know before selling a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Are You Ready To Sell Your Restaurant?

You might have started a restaurant to hold onto it until you get retired. You may have faced challenges and difficulties in business and you might decide to sell it. But, you should realize that obstacles come to every business and consider once again if you really want to face it and continue running your restaurant or if you want to sell your restaurant.


Once you decide to sell your restaurant, you should make a strategic plan to accomplish it. You need to gather all the paperwork and require certain documents such as; a copy of a lease, a list of your assets, copies of health inspection records, copies of any applicable licenses such as liquor license, copies of financial statements, and other financial documents. You need to keep these documents up to date so that you can receive the true value of your restaurant from potential buyers.

Get Your Financials Ready

It’s a critical part to buy and sell business because eventually, we’re all in to make money. You can share the financial records of a year to the potential buyer, keeping it accurate and updated. This way you can show your financial perspective to the buyer. Financials include your assets like furniture, inventory of equipment, cash transactions, balance sheets, tax documents, and profit/loss statements. 

You should disclose your liabilities if any to the buyers such as back taxes, debts, looming repair costs, etc. You may be charged for fraud by the buyer later on if you fail to disclose such liabilities. It’s a digital world, so you can keep all the documents in digital form and if you have paperwork, keep it clean and consider switching it to a computerized spreadsheet for the least.


After you have figured out how to sell the business, you need to expose your business to potential buyers. You can advertise with the help of family, friends, or relatives or you can seek help from brokers and professionals. Easy Buy Sell Business Hong Kong is a professional business for sales platform that helps you to buy and sell business easily with premium and cost-effective services.


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